Neighbours Email

The Rockland Neighbourhood Association (RNA) hosts a “Neighbours” Email list to advise neighbours of local events and for the RNA Board of Directors to seek input on proposals that may affect the neighbourhood. The local events include notices of meetings held by the RNA or by the City of Victoria on policy changes, land use issues or other topics, crime prevention initiatives and neighbourhood events.

The Email list is moderated to ensure that the following guidelines are met:

•The purpose of the Email list is to provide information relevant to the neighbourhood or to request input from neighbours on proposals that may affect the neighbourhood.
•It is not intended to be used for expressing personal opinion.
•The privacy of subscribers is protected. Any information collected is intended for specific purposes and will not be shared without consent.
•All membership information, including email addresses, is personal and therefore, confidential. The subscribers list is available to the list administrator only.
•The RNA does not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease any personal information collected at our site.
•The RNA does not send out notices related to commercial solicitations or ventures or any items of a personal nature.

Subscription to “Neighbours” does not require you to be a member of the RNA – only that you live within the boundaries of the Rockland neighbourhood or that  you have particular interest in its affairs. You may subscribe here stating your street address or explaining your reasons for wishing to be included.

Subscription to “Neighbours” is automatic if you apply for RNA membership and provide your email address in the application.

Subscription to “Neighbours” is perpetual until you unsubscribe or change your email address.

You may unsubscribe here.