AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held March 29, 2017 at the Grace Lutheran Church
AGM Minutes
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
held February 9, 2016
at the Grace Lutheran Church

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:31 p.m.  There were 59 voting members in attendance.

2. Guest Speaker

Janet Simpson introduced Acting Chief Del Manak.  A/Chief Manak gave an interesting and informative presentation focused on three areas
Highlights of policing in Rockland
Patrolling and deployment of resources
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.
His talk included a review of the crime statistics in the Rockland area; a discussion of homelessness including the current status of Super InTent City and the plans for Mount Edwards Court and a short discussion of traffic in the area.  A/Chief Manak answered a number of questions from the audience.  At the end of his presentation, he introduced Maureen Shaw, a member of the Police Board and Constable Terri Healy who serves as Rockland’s Community Resource Officer.  A/Chief Manak continued to answer questions from residents during the break which followed his presentation.

3.  Introduction of Guests

Janet Simpson introduced the guests.

Councillors-Pamela Madoff, Ben Isitt
City Planning-Brian Sikstrom
Stormwater Management Specialist-Brianne Czyphya
Neighbourhood and Community Development-Gary Pemberton
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria-Jon Tupper
Jerymy Brownridge-Government House (not in attendance)
Tom McCarthy-Langham Court Theater (not in attendance)

4.  Introduction of Current Board

Janet Simpson-President, Chair-Woodland Garden
Bob June-Vice President, Chair-Land Use
Sue Simpson-Secretary
Norman Clark-Treasurer
Dave Clark-Chair-Environment
Vanessa Dingley-Land Use; Traffic
Ian Mayhill-Chair-Membership
John Edwards-Heritage
Stephen Roughley-Chair-Communications
Marc Hunter-Chair-Social
Dave McWalter-Land Use

5.  Introduction of Board Support

Webmaster-Don Hamilton
Communication-Catherine Spencer
Welcome-Eileen Nurmi, Heather Grampp
Newsletter-Helen Edwards
Friends of Government House

Janet Simpson, on behalf of the board, thanked Catherine Spencer for the decades of devotion and support she has given to the Rockland Neighbourhood Board.

6. Quorum (minimum of 10% of total members)

Total membership is 165.  With 59 voting members in attendance, there is a quorum.

7.  President’s remarks

President, Janet Simpson, reviewed Councillor Madoff’s support of the RNA and RNA initiatives this past year.  These include:
A zoning amendment which clarifies the requirement of 835 m2 per dwelling unit
A change to the structure of Council meetings to allow up to six citizens the opportunity to address Council at the beginning of each meeting
A doubling, from five minutes to 10 minutes, of the Land Use Chair’s tme to speak at a public hearing
Council’s decision to reject a rezoning proposal for 1745 Rockland
Consideration to put all neighbourhood associations on equal footing with regard to funding
Zoning changes to safeguard residents’ privacy from outdoor features that are too high or too close to the property line.
In addition Councillor Madoff is passionate about preserving the character of heritage houses, an important aspect to the Rockland neighbourhood.

8.  Approval of Minutes of Annual General Meeting, February, 2015

Motion:  To approve Minutes of Annual General Meeting, February 2015, Helen Edwards  moved; Bob June seconded; Carried

9.  Reports

As included in the AGM Report.

Motion:  To accept reports, Marc Hunter moved; Stephen Roughley seconded; Carried

10.  Members’ Concerns

Judy Jasper asked if progress has been made addressing the deer problem.
Councillor Madoff indicated that the issue has been raised at Council and they are looking to coordinate with other communities.  Provincial funding may be available for pilot projects.

Gordon McAllister asked if the Rockland Plan, to be updated next year, will be adopted as a bylaw.
Councillor Madoff responded that it was not Council’s intention to adopt it as a bylaw.

Doreen Mueller asked about zoning, particularly the practice to zone one lot at a time rather than an area as whole.  She mentioned that this seemed to be a waste of staff time
Councillor Madoff suggested that this issue be raised during the Local Area Planning (LAP) process.
Councillor Isitt indicated that the LAP will be subservient to the Official City Plan but will provide greater detail.

Lloyd Ollila asked if other municipalities house some of the homeless.
Councillor Madoff responded that there are homeless in all municipalities.  The City of Victoria is financially supporting two projects in Saanich.  All the municipalities understand that this is a regional concern.

Elizabeth Cane brought up the fact that there are barriers to the homeless at many of the shelters (drug/alcohol use, pets etc.) and that more options are needed.
Councillor Madoff responded that both My Place and the proposed space at Mount Edwards Court are low barrier facilities.  She agreed that a variety of spaces are needed.

11.  Nominating Committee

Lloyd Ollila, Chair; Eileen Nurmi, Ethelyn McInnes-Rankin

For President, Janet Simpson
For Vice President, Ian Mayhill
For Treasurer, Norman Clark
For Secretary, Sue Simpson

For Directors
Lawrence Bortoluzzi
Dave Clark
Vanessa Dingley
John Edwards
Marc Hunter
Bob June
David McWalter
Stephen Roughley

All by acclamation.

12.  Closing Remarks

Janet Simpson revealed that there will be a social event this year.  The Board is working on a plan to recognize individuals or groups which have contributed to the Rockland neighbourhood in some substantial way.   In addition, a formal committee will be formed to reach out to the many tenants in our neighbourhood.

13. Motion:  To adjourn at 9:00 p.m., Lloyd Ollila moved; Dave Clark seconded; Carried

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Simpson, Secretary