Board of Directors

Marc Hunter
President / Police liasion / Emergency Preparedness / Traffic
I have lived in Rockland for close to six years. We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful community. The surrounding neighbourhood is beautiful, the community and neighbours are wonderful and we enjoy living so close to downtown. Joining the RNA Board as a Director (2013), in 2018 I assumed the role of President while also leading RNA related responsibilities for Traffic, Police Liaison and Emergency Management. When you research Rockland, it is described as an ’historic neighbourhood’. Locals and tourists visiting Victoria make a point of visiting Rockland and they often tell me it is a highlight of the trip. Tall majestic oak trees, beautiful heritage homes and the historic feel of Rockland make our community a truly magical place. The preservation of Rockland's "uniqueness" reminds us to be attentive and not take something for granted at the risk of losing it forever. Having said that, I do not consider myself “anti-development”; instead, I advocate for preservation and/or responsible development that takes in to account the special heritage attributes of Rockland. I also feel strongly in the need to develop collaborative productive relationships with our partners, including the City of Victoria. You will often see me walking 'the beat' in the neighbourhood with our clan of spoiled golden retrievers. Besides my rewarding full-time career, my volunteer work with the RNA, spending time with my family, travel and sports take up all of my free time.
Art Hamilton
Vice President / Membership
I was born in Victoria and educated at U. Vic, U. Laval, UBC and U. Oregon. I worked in International Development for several years, mostly in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa, administering technical and land management projects. I was also involved for 25 years in developing BC’s post secondary international education system by helping to build the BC Center for International Education and by establishing and operating the international offices of Camosun College and Royal Roads University. I have lived in Rockland for 31 years. With this background, I feel I can offer the Neighbourhood Association practical management skills as well as financial, government, and land management experience. My overseas experience has reinforced my perception that our corner of the planet is particularly special and deserves the best possible stewardship we can provide - I hope to contribute to this through my role in the RNA.
Lawrence Bortoluzzi
Land Use
My wife and I have lived in Rockland for 10 years and thoroughly love the community. I joined the Board a couple of years ago as a member of the Land Use Planning Committee. Enjoy the close proximity to the ocean and get out on the boat fishing as much as possible.
David Clark
I am an Agrologist with an interest in wildlife habitat, gardens and in nurturing a sense of community. I have lived with my wife, Heather in the neighbourhood for the past 28 years and for another period of six years through high school. I have been a Board member for the past 16 years serving in a number of capacities, most recently as chair of the Environment Committee. I focus on environmental issues such as Greenways, gardens and the “Urban Forest”. I also support a strategic focus on issues and would like to help develop basic information about the neighbourhood to increase the level of common understanding. I think that a better appreciation of Rockland's character and awareness of other's viewpoints will assist us as we enter the long-awaited process of Local Area Planning.
Anthony Danda
My husband and I moved to Rockland from Vancouver for the sense of community and overall quality of life. My career in global financial services for the past 20 years has allowed me to travel extensively, which helps me appreciate even more the decision to call Victoria home. I have a keen interest in history and am looking forward to actively protecting Rockland’s heritage from overdevelopment and enhancing the uniqueness of my neighbourhood. My goal is to also support Victorians in their efforts to ensure our city grows sustainably and is enjoyed by all residents and visitors.
Bob June
Land Use
Elizabeth and I moved to Rockand in the spring of 2006 on a whim of hers. I thought we had a discussion about moving in a few years and the next thing I know we are looking at our home on Manor Road. For us it was the classic decision of buying the only home we could afford in a neighborhood we really liked. Those things that we did like were the architectural mix, the greenery and the location within walking distance of downtown and Oak Bay. It was a great move for us. We have excellent neighbors, a wonderful place to walk dogs and a lifestyle that helps get us out of our cars. To help maintain this neighborhood I have been engaged with the RNA for since 2008 and with the RNA Land Use Committee since 2010, for the last 4 years as LUC Chair. Looking forward I am enthusiastic about the upcoming Official Community Plan Local Area Planning process and the opportunity that will bring to define our community vision going forward. Bob June
David McWalter
VCAN Liason / Land Use
I have lived in Rockland since 2012 along with my wife, two young children, and two dogs. We feel very fortunate to live in such a naturally beautiful community. I have been a Director on the RNA Board and a member of the Land Use Committee (LUC) since 2015. I feel that I bring a balanced perspective to the LUC, and am happy to have the opportunity to influence projects and issues that impact Rockland. Outside of the RNA, I keep myself very busy with my career and young family. I am a Project Management Professional specializing in marine construction, which exposes me to many interesting projects in BC’s coastal communities. I also enjoy squash, golf, hiking, camping, skiing, and generally keeping myself active.
Chantal Meagher
Chantal Meagher hails from Regina, but fell in love with Victoria in 1982 when she came here to study. An early graduate of UVIC Law, Chantal's career with the Foreign Service (and peripatetic nature) took her to Hong Kong, Warsaw, Beijing, and Bangkok before finding her way back to Victoria. Thrilled to be back, and to be part of this wonderful community, Chantal spends her time exploring BC, learning to garden, and planning her next travels.
Danielle Leduc McQueen
I'm excited to join the board as a Rockland renter, having grown up in Victoria and recently returned after studying and working in Ontario. I graduated from Victoria High School and have a BA (Hons) in Political Science from UVic and an MA in Political Science from Carleton University. I've worked in marketing, operations, and administration for nonprofits and start-ups, and currently write for a company in Seattle. I live on the Rockland border with my husband, James, and our one-year-old son, Clifford. Cliff and I frequently play at Government House and explore the neighbourhood. I'm pleased to represent renters and young families on the Rockland board, as well as serve as website administrator. It's residents who create neighbourhoods, communities, and cities. I hope to help preserve Rockland's history, natural beauty, and unique character, while building a forward-thinking community for the generations ahead.