Board of Directors

Janet Simpson
President / Woodland Garden
My passions are native flora and fauna, environmental activism, tennis, and single malt scotch. I have lived in Rockland since 1991 and have been active in the neighbourhood association the entire time. In a nutshell, I believe that the three features that make Rockland so special - the Garry oaks, the character houses, and the rock outcropping - need to be protected. The new signs that are going up everywhere summarize my position perfectly: Stop Overdevelopment and Respect Neighbourhoods.
Marc Hunter
Vice-President / Social + Events / Police liasion
I have lived in Rockland for close to five years. My wife, three golden retrievers and I love living in Rockland for many reasons. The surrounding neighbourhood is beautiful, the community and neighbours are wonderful and we enjoy living so close to downtown. Joining the RNA Board as a Director, I have since assumed the role of Vice President and continue in my roles as Social Director and Police Liaison. I have enjoyed getting to know more about the community and associated values. Issues such as the importance of maintaining Rockland's heritage, our urban forests and acquiring an understanding on the complexity of land use. You will often see me walking 'the beat' in the neighbourhood with our clan of spoiled golden retrievers. Besides my volunteer work with the RNA, spending time with my family, travel and sports take up all of my free time. I feel very grateful to live in such a beautiful neighborhood.
Susan Simpson
After working for 30 years in Research and Development for a major personal care company, I retired to Victoria and settled in Rockland in 2010. I have been a member of the Rockland Neighbouthood Association since July of that year. I have been part of the Native Garden Committee, the Welcoming Committee and helped organize the Rockland Stroll celebrating Victoria's 150th birthday. For three years I was Secretary of the Canadian Federation of University Women's (CFUW-Victoria) Scholarship and Bursary Society and was coordinator of one of the CFUW Neighbourhood groups. I am a past member of Parish Council, the Finance Committee and a past Deputy Warden at Christ Church Cathedral. I volunteer as an advocate at the Together Against Poverty Society.
John Edwards
Treasurer / Heritage / Newsletter
As the son of a senior naval officer, I attended schools in Halifax, Annapolis Royal (NS), Rothesay (NB) and Victoria. I graduated from St. Michael’s University School, Sauder School of Business (UBC), and then became a Certified Professional Accountant. In Victoria, I worked in Taxation for many years including Federal Government Scientific Research and Educational Tax Credits Division. I have served with the City of Victoria Heritage Advisory Committee. I was President of the Hallmark Heritage Society for eight years and have been Treasurer for both Hallmark and its Heritage Building Foundation since the 1970s. I received a volunteer award from the Hallmark Heritage Society in 1991 and the CGA Community Service Award in 2002. My wife and I have both volunteered for the Rockland Neighbourhood Association, including the Victoria 150 celebration and updating the walking tours in 2010—several hundred hours of work. With my background and hours of experience in heritage preservation, I feel I can help with issues of the protection of the prestigious work of some of the famous architects that built Rockland homes.
Bob June
Land Use
Elizabeth and I moved to Rockand in the spring of 2006 on a whim of hers. I thought we had a discussion about moving in a few years and the next thing I know we are looking at our home on Manor Road. For us it was the classic decision of buying the only home we could afford in a neighborhood we really liked. Those things that we did like were the architectural mix, the greenery and the location within walking distance of downtown and Oak Bay. It was a great move for us. We have excellent neighbors, a wonderful place to walk dogs and a lifestyle that helps get us out of our cars. To help maintain this neighborhood I have been engaged with the RNA for since 2008 and with the RNA Land Use Committee since 2010, for the last 4 years as LUC Chair. Looking forward I am enthusiastic about the upcoming Official Community Plan Local Area Planning process and the opportunity that will bring to define our community vision going forward. Bob June
Lawrence Bortoluzzi
Land Use
My wife and I have lived in Rockland for 10 years and thoroughly love the community. I joined the Board a couple of years ago as a member of the Land Use Planning Committee. Enjoy the close proximity to the ocean and get out on the boat fishing as much as possible.
David Clark
I am an Agrologist with an interest in wildlife habitat, gardens and in nurturing a sense of community. I have lived with my wife, Heather in the neighbourhood for the past 28 years and for another period of six years through high school. I have been a Board member for the past 16 years serving in a number of capacities, most recently as chair of the Environment Committee. I focus on environmental issues such as Greenways, gardens and the “Urban Forest”. I also support a strategic focus on issues and would like to help develop basic information about the neighbourhood to increase the level of common understanding. I think that a better appreciation of Rockland's character and awareness of other's viewpoints will assist us as we enter the long-awaited process of Local Area Planning.
Vanessa Dingley
Safety + Emergency Preparedness
I have long been interested in planning and environmental matters, having spent most of my working life in the Department of Urban Planning and an associated research centre at UCLA. I retired several years ago. I have lived in Victoria for almost eight years, moved to Rockland over four years ago, and have been on the RNA Board over the past three years, serving on the Land Use Committee. With its great old mansions, mature trees, landscapes and streets which provide such lovely walks, Rockland’s unique character deserves to be protected. It would be a tragedy to see the area damaged by the further loss of architecturally significant homes and inappropriate development. Victoria has a reputation as a beautiful city, and Rockland must be a significant part of this, so its conservation will benefit not only Rockland residents, but the city as a whole. I would like to continue to help the Rockland Neighbourhood Association’s work in this area.
David McWalter
Land Use
I have lived in Rockland since 2012 along with my wife, two young children (ages 4 & 6), and two dogs. We feel very fortunate to live in such a naturally beautiful community, and have gained a lasting appreciation for the unique character of Rockland. I have been a Director on the RNA Board for three years, and a member of the Land Use Committee (LUC) for that same duration. I am personally interested in land use issues in general, and am happy to have the opportunity to influence projects and issues that impact Rockland. I feel that I bring a balanced perspective to the LUC with regards to land use issues. Outside of the RNA, I keep myself very busy with my career and young family. I am a Project Management Professional specializing in marine construction, which exposes me to many interesting and unique projects in BC’s coastal communities. I also enjoy playing squash, golf, hiking, camping, and generally keeping myself active. My family can frequently be seen walking around this wonderful neighbourhood, fully enjoying and embracing life in Rockland.
Stephen Roughley
Resident of Rockland since June 2013, I couldn’t think of a better neighbourhood to reside. With my wife and two daughters Rockland brings a sense of community and belonging. It’s unique character both historical and west coast , Rockland offers a little something for everyone. As a board member for 3 years and Communications Chair, I enjoy dialogue and opportunity to work with all committees to embrace our neighbourhood association. As a resident or visitor, enjoy the Rockland walking tours which showcase our neighbourhood heritage, attractions, urban forest, gardens and arts. Hope to see you soon in our community.
Pam Madoff
Councillor: City of Victoria Liaison
Pamela Madoff has been a community activist since she returned to Victoria in 1984. She has a particular interest in urban planning, heritage preservation, and architectural design. Prior to being elected to City Council in 1993 Pamela wrote and lectured in the areas of architectural history, preservation and urban planning. She is a Past-President of the Hallmark Society and sat on the board of the Craigdarroch Castle Historical Museum Society. She also participated in the provincial Community Pride Project which involved travelling throughout the province facilitating workshops on heritage preservation and the economic benefits of heritage rehabilitation. Ms Madoff was also appointed to sit on the Victoria Accord committees, which developed long-term strategies for the future of both the Legislative Precinct and the Humboldt Valley. She was also the B.C. Governor on the Heritage Canada Foundation and a Board member of the B.C. Heritage Trust. Pamela is committed to community participation and works to ensure that Victoria's neighbourhoods are strong and vibrant. She has particularly enjoyed her council liaison appointments. Past appointments include James Bay, Fernwood, Burnside-Gorge and Oaklands. She is currently the liaison to Rockland, North Jubilee and South Jubilee.
Susan Wynne-Hughes
I am an Australian by birth but have lived in Canada since 1976. I studied Economics and Politics and later Education at Monash University in Australia, taught in high school there, then took Spanish and Linguistics at UVic after coming to Canada. Subsequently I taught English as a second language at UVIC for 12 years. I also lived for many years at Pearson College, in Metchosin where I was a house fellow and later a teacher for 10 years. I have lived in Rockland since 1997 and have always felt it an absolute privilege to be part of a community where it is apparent that the preservation of natural beauty and historical heritage are paramount. I became aware of the Rockland Neighborhood Association in 2014 when I was part of a group that successfully campaigned to halt the proposed development of 1745 Rockland. I am indebted to the RNA (particularly Janet Simpson) for helping us to achieve our aims. After that experience I felt I would like to give back to the RNA and work more in this community.