Our Constitution




2. The purpose of the Society is to promote, facilitate, co-ordinate, support or undertake activities that will enhance the quality of life and the environment of the Rockland Neighbourhood including but not limited to the following:

(a) to maintain the residential, heritage and estate character of the Rockland neighbourhood;

(b) to retain traditional houses in the Rockland neighbourhood and conserve other heritage features;

(c) to prevent the loss of views of large houses from the streets by requiring side or rear yard siting only;

(d) to safeguard private green space and estate features;

(e) to preserve, wherever possible, landscape features such as rock outcrops, mature trees, stone walls, fences, gateposts, etc.;

(f) to promote excellence in architectural design and construction compatible with the Rockland environment;

(g) to work with the City of Victoria to address traffic issues in the Rockland neighbourhood including volume, speed, congestion, parking and safety;

(h) to provide a vehicle for public participation in the preservation and enhancement of the unique qualities which have come to characterize the Rockland neighbourhood;

(i) to identify and prioritize needs in the Rockland neighbourhood and make recommendations to the appropriate jurisdictional authorities for action; and

(j) to promote maintenance of the Rockland Neighbourhood Plan and its role as a policy document for the physical development of the Rockland neighbourhood.

3. Additional to the foregoing and ancillary thereto, the Society shall have the following powers, which powers are alterable, namely:

(a) to receive funds and assets to apply to further the purposes of the Society;

(b) to enter into any contracts or arrangements with any person, corporation or institution which may further the purposes of the Society; and

(c) to do all other things which are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the purposes of the Society.

4. The operations of the Society are to be carried on chiefly in, and in respect of, the Rockland area in the City of Victoria, British Columbia encompassed by Fort Street, Oak Bay Avenue, Richmond Avenue, Richardson Street and Linden Avenue.

5. The affairs of the Society shall be conducted so as to promote the purposes of the Society and the Society shall not carry on activities for the purpose of the personal financial gain of its members. The provisions of this paragraph 5 shall be unalterable.

6. Upon the winding up or dissolution of the Society and after payment of all debts and liabilities the remaining property of the Society shall be distributed or disposed of within one year to such organization or organizations with similar purposes in British Columbia, as may be determined by the members of the Society at the time of winding up or dissolution, provided that each such organization is either a registered charity or qualified donee recognized by Revenue Canada Taxation to be qualified as such under the Income Tax Act of Canada from time to time in effect. The provisions of this paragraph 6 shall be unalterable.

February 2003